Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Policewoman

The Policewoman is a character briefly featured in a video comic shown after episode twenty-two of Asura's Wrath.

She is seen scolding an old man who looks just like Kalrow. She is telling him to stop riding what appears to be a Segway, saying that it isn't safe.


She has brown eyes and brown hair that she wears in double buns, a Chinese style known as "ox horns". She uses what appears to be white, silk brocades and ribbons to cover them. She wears a short-sleeved police shirt and dark blue pants, as well as white boots and a spiked bracelet.


  • This character bears a striking resemblance to Chun-Li from Street Fighter, another video game by Capcom. In addition, Chun-Li is also a police officer.

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