The ultimate goal of Deus and The Seven Deities in which they refer to as "The Cause".

The official layout of the plan was to manipulate the human population loyally serving the demigods into sacrificing themselves in order to gather enough souls to convert into massive amounts of Mantra. The Mantra would be used as fuel to power up The Brahmastra and completely eradicate the Gohma: freeing the world from the Gohma threat so that they may live in eternal paradise. This plan was designed to finally bring  stability and order to the world and establish Deus as the new God of the World. Mithra, Asura's daughter and current demigod priestess, played  a crucial part in completing this plan as she had the abilities to innately channel incredible levels of Mantra and give the Seven Deities the power they needed to complete their plan. According to Kalrow, Mithra's power is the pillar that keeps this plan in place as The Great Rebirth cannot be achieved with out her. Asura was against it, so Deus has declared him a traitor and banished him into Naraka.

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